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Having Fun In Richfield Mn

Having Fun in Richfield MN

Hey, Richfield, Are You Having Fun Yet? You're a busy, 30-something professional with a young family and you have just snagged a house in Richfield, Minnesota. Snagged may be an understatement. Richfield is one of the hottest–THE hottest, according to…

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July Fourth Hosting Tips

July 4th Hosting Tips

Celebrating July 4th at Home? Leave Cleanup Alone The Fourth of July, Independence Day in the United States, is THE major mid-summer holiday. Typically, many businesses close in order to let their employees enjoy the day. If the Fourth falls…

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Bloomington What's In Your Quadrants

Bloomington, What’s In Your Quadrants?

Bloomington, What’s in Your Quadrants? Remember Stephen Covey’s Seven Habits for Highly Successful People? Part of the book deals with prioritizing the four quadrants of Covey’s time management matrix: Important and Urgent, Non-important and Urgent, Important and Non-Urgent, and Non-Important…

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