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Lakeville Maid Service House Cleaning service Lakeville Mn 55044

House Cleaning Lakeville Minnesota 55044

Whether your cheering for the Lakeville Panthers or the Cougars, we’ll help you focus on what matters by keeping your house clean!

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Weekly, Bi-Weekly, Monthly & Semi-Monthly House Cleaning

We love cleaning, and we’re passionate about keeping people focused on the things that matter most.  We’ve built Tidy Touch House Cleaning Company to help build margin in people’s lives and to help people feel great about homes again. We know that there’s nothing more helpful and or refreshing than a house that’s had it’s bathrooms cleaned, it’s showers scrubbed, the windows wiped, and the kitchen made to sparkle.

House Cleaning Lakeville MN

House Cleaning Services:

  • Makes spouses happier
  • Creates more patience with your kids
  • Might make you entertain more
  • Reduces the shame and guilt of a messy house
  • Increases the enjoyment you get from your house, which is a huge investment!
  • You’ll return from home less stressed out
  • You can return from work and focus on your family
  • You’ll be a little healthier (maybe) since your home is cleaner
  • Allergies are kept at bay

Our Founder: Kristina Oates is a Farmington Local

We take house cleaning very serious, and here at Tidy Touch House Cleaning, we’re going to relentlessly pursue your satisfaction.  We’re going to provide the Lakeville Minnesota community with the highest quality cleaning services possible – and be enjoyable, kind, and friendly while we exceed your expectations.

Lakeville Minnesota Residential House Cleaning

Lakeville is such a great community, and we’ve focused our business on helping homeowners that want to make sure their house makes them feel great.  Our core focus is families in the Twin Cities – specifically from Lakeville – have more margin in their life and get the best house cleaning service possible.

What’s important in a Lakeville House Cleaning Company??

We’ve developed a company that delivers results like the best of them, but that takes the time to ensure that every time we come and clean a home, they’ll vote us the best house cleaning company in Lakeville Minnesota. When it comes to house cleaning, it needs to meet or exceed the customers expectations every single time because if it was about saving money – then customers would simply clean their homes themselves.

We Value:

  • Trustworthiness
  • Security & Background Checks
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • Attention to detail
  • Prompt, pro-active communication
  • Pricing transparency
  • Consistency
  • Surface and Chemical Knowledge
  • Being a great employer

Recurring House Cleaning Customers Get Deep Discounts

If you’re in Lakeville, and you like the idea of of having a home that you feel great about – we want to make that investment work for you and our company.

When you become a recurring cleaning customer of ours, we offer deep discount pricing that allows you to have a great looking home year round.

We Offer Discounts of 20%, 40%, and even 50% for Recurring Customers

When we’re cleaning on a regular basis, we’re able to build that “cleaning momentum,” that makes cleaning that much easier.  When we’re able to come into a Lakeville home weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, or bi-monthly, it’s that much easier to get your home clean.

House Cleaning Lakeville Mn
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House Cleaning Lakeville Mn
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Lakeville Minnesota 55044
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