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House Cleaning Services Prior Lake Mn

House Cleaning Services Prior Lake Mn

Are you looking for a Maid Service or Housekeeping company in Prior Lake Minnesota?

We would love the opportunity to earn your business.

We’re working hard to become the preferred house cleaning company in the Prior Lake, Lakeville, Farmington, Apple Valley, Rosemount and South-Metro region.

Schedule a cleaning with us today, and we’re confident you’ll be impressed with the work we do and with the caliber of our operations.

House Cleaning Services Prior Lake Mn

Our Mission: To help people focus on what matters most in life, by keeping their house clean and tidy.

Our Purpose: To help create margin in the lives of people, encourage hospitality and help them feel great about their home.

What does it take to become the best?

The Best House Cleaning Service in Prior Lake Minnesota

What is it that makes one cleaning company better than another?

1 – Always leaves you satisfied

Lets be clear: House cleaning services, maid services, housekeeping, and housecleaning companies should always leave you saying “That was SOOO worth it!”

It can be frustrating if you hire a Prior Lake house cleaning company and their work isn’t any better than the cleaning you would have done personally.

We’re obsessed with cleaning, and we want to leave you ecstatic about the work we’ve done – so that you’ll tell your friends and take advantage of our periodic cleaning pricing discounts

2 – Highest levels of Integrity, Security and low employee turnover.

We’re absolutely obsessed with cleanliness, but we’re equally passionate about integrity and security.

House Cleaning is one of the most intimate services you can have performed.

If a company isn’t committed to hiring background checked, stupendous people, paying them properly, and help provide a great work experience, then turnover will become a problem.

That’s why we think that the best Prior Lake Housecleaning company is going to be committed to background checks for all team members, and will work hard to build a team of qualified professionals, rather than a turn-style of new hires.

High employee turnover creates security threats.

Our team is made of owner Krissy, her sisters Steph and Brittany, and our close-knit staff.

It’s critically important that house cleaning is done in teams, with managers and supervisors that have security and integrity on the top of their mind.

Our Owners are in the Field – working shoulder to shoulder with any other technicians.

We think that a well-lead, engaged team helps ensure that integrity, security and job-satisfaction is a reality.

3 – Ever-increasing quality & level of cleanliness

Constant Improvement

When you work with a prior lake housecleaning company, prior lake maid service, or a prior lake housekeeping company, you’ll find that one thing determines greatness – improving quality.

We want our 100th clean to be just as good, if not better, than the first house cleaning.

Most firms will decline in quality over time, but we’re committed to ensuring that we improve.

Every cleaning company in Prior Lake Minnesota knows that a trip to Edelweiss Bakery for coffee and a caramel roll is much more relaxing when the cleaning job you’ve just paid is consistently good.

4 – Easy to schedule and work with

Prior Lake House Cleaning services are all about making life easier.

If you’ve been searching through different cleaning companies in the Prior Lake area, you might’ve noticed that some cleaners are much easier to schedule, and work with than others.

We’ve invested in technology and staff, to make sure that we’re convenient to work with and easy to get a hold of.

5 – Local reputation

Twin Cities Owned Cleaning Company

We care deeply that we’d be found as the best housecleaning company in Prior Lake or best maid service company in Prior Lake.

We’ve been bootstrapping Tidy Touch since 2013, and we’ve worked to establish a solid reputation.

Relentlessly pursuing your favor.

We want to earn your favor so that you’d be likely to recommend us to any family and friends.

We believe that there are some great competitors out there, but we’re confident that you’ll think our services is top-notch, whether it’s the first, fifth, or hundredth house cleaning.

6 – Focused on value

Prior Lake House Cleaning should be all about delivering a very tidy house, at a great value.

Clear, transparent, and fair pricing is what it’s all about for us.

We want to do our jobs exceedingly well, because we know that it allows you to invest into the things that really matter in life.

House cleaning is really all about creating margin and ease in the lives of busy people, and we love being able to do just that.

If it was about saving money, you’d clean it yourself.

But when people invest heavily into their careers and families, there often isn’t enough time in the day to spend it being a great parent, community member, spouse, or friend, while keeping your house up to the standards you have.

Ditch the guilt about a messy house, and let us take care of you today.

House Cleaning Prior Lake Mn
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House Cleaning Prior Lake Mn
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Want the best cleaning company in Prior Lake? We're south-metro owned, and obsessed with cleaning!
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